Support a variety of well-known maps
At present it supports Google map, Google satellite map, Google terrain map, Bing satellite map, OpenCycle terrain map, Baidu map, Sogou map. You can easily switch between these maps. The maps can be downloaded for offline applications to save 3G traffic.

Search information
You can search the specific locations and the nearby positions. You can search the travel route (including self-driving, public transport and walk), and know the real-time traffic. You can plan the best travel route by the comprehensive information search.

Global voice navigation
By using Google API, we can not only provide the careful voice navigation but also direct the way in Chinese when you are in a foreign country.

Location sharing
You can share the location with selected friends so that they will know your position on the map. You can also guide the road for friends when knowing their real-time locations, and share some good places had visited with friends.

Record and share the track
We can draw your track precisely on the map once you start to record. You also can save the track, or share the track to friends. Publishing the track on Ovital map is another way to share it with more users.

Plan on the map
You can draw the tag, line, circle and so on. We provide the common elements for you to draw and plan on the map. We also provide CAD interface that you can read CAD profile and transfer it to the Ovital object.

Support digital elevation data
Ovital Cloud integrates the SRTM3 elevation data around the world. You can search the altitude of any location. We can also export the contour line in 10 meter accuracy so that you can know the altitude data more directly when looking at the satellite map.

Support third-party device
We can join up the third-party device (only GT02A by now), which means we can provide more service like, do the real-time tracking, replay the track, and have electric fence.